School rules

By Emily Spain

People say that rules are a waste of time and there just another way of telling us what to do but there just there to keep us safe.There are a lot of rules and they are there for a way of  protecting you and others around you.You need rules because without them the world would be even more dangerous than it is now with people killing and stealing, so next time you say rules are a waste of time think again because without them you could be dead.

This page was added by Emily Spain on 28/02/2008.
Comments about this page

I don't think rules are a waste of time because you learn how to treat someone as a person

By Tasharna Speirs
On 28/03/2008

I think that rules are good because they help us keep safe and they help us to be kind to other people around us.

By Isabella Tartaglia
On 31/03/2008

I think Tasharna is right,when you need help rules can help you and like Emily said they keep you out of trouble.

By Madeline Boreham
On 31/03/2008

It is an interesting page because you can learn that you are not alone because you have people who care about you. Rules are very important and they are not a waste of time. They feel like you are part of something!!
If we didn t have rules anywhere then it will not be a happy place like in school or out of school and even anywhere else!!!!

By Nicola
On 14/04/2008

I Agree. Rules Are Needed, Because If We Didn't Have Any Rules, Everybody Would Do As They Pleased, And Everything Would Be Chaos.

By Lucy Wenham
On 02/05/2008

School rules are important, because if you don't obey them then you can get punished.

By emily peace
On 29/04/2013

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